7 great iPhone apps for watching free movies

Sit down and watch any popular movie online for free at Movie2k, even if you are away from a film, TV or computer, since you can enjoy good movies without spending a penny and everything from your iPhone.

From Techt, we want to enjoy the best of the seventh art from your Apple device, using one of the 7 applications to see movies free from iPhone. Skips to the next page to see the list.


Film free and legal, that offers B-Movies, an app that gives you access to the tremendous collection of Internet Moving Images Library. While here you will not find the latest releases, there is a good amount of classical tapes.

Stores detailed information about films, B-Movies, that you can play via streaming from the iDevice using a Wi-Fi connection, with the possibility of selecting the image quality.

The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to iOS 5 or higher.

Putlocker TV

Click here to download putlocker

Justin TV

Surely you’ve heard of Justin TV, an application that allows us to see streaming videos, which vary from short to TV programs, including also complete films.

Since the content is managed by users, you can find several recent films, since filters are not as stringent. Justin TV, also allows you to chat in real time with other people who are within the same channel, as also offer their own content.

It is compatible with all the iDevices using iOS 4.3 or later.

Hollywood Pocket

Unlike the others, Hollywood Pocket is not an application in itself, but a site that you can navigate from Safari and directly play the movies using Quicktime.

Hollywood Pocket has a rich collection organized by genres, plus, you can pause, back and get the videos during the navigation. The site can be visited from any iDevice with Wi-Fi access.

Spreety TV iPhone

Another option that works as a web application, without the need for installation. Although it is more directed to episodes of TV-series, Spreety TV iPhone also has some movies.

The content can be reproduced directly, either using connectivity Wi-Fi or 3 G/LTE. You might have problems if there are many users within the site, but it is enough to try again.


Another old acquaintance. It’s a video site where anyone can upload a recording and creating a channel, which leads to content such as TV series or films, although there is always the risk that they removed them for breach of copyright.

Dailymotion works and very well. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch withiOS 6 or later and at the level of interface and organization far outstrips the rest of the applications.

iOS Movies

A site created for Apple devices and that it opens the doors to a collection of movies hosted on YouTube and that they can be displayed without problems from your iDevice.

It is old or documentary tapes that have been legally uploaded to the site, and are divided by gender, as well as having an integrated search engine for better access.

Each film in IOS Movie is accompanied by a mini tab and play from YouTube, ensures a good image quality and speed.


Like other options, SnagFilms offers us movies, series, documentaries and comedy, with excellent image quality and free.

Currently, it is one of the best options to be used from your Appledevice, and without a doubt you should take a look.

Do you know any of these applications? Do you usually watch movies online from your mobile device? you could contribute with other applications?


Among the packed juices, what is the healthiest choice?

As we always say: the best for a healthy diet is to choose fresh or unprocessed products, therefore, between the juice is undoubtedly the best squeeze and take it home immediately. Although this is not always possible and packaged juices are increasingly consumed therefore we show why infused water Zpirit is the healthiest choice among packaged juices.

Here we are in descending order, what are the healthiest options and why, among packaged juices best known and consumed:

  • 100% squeezed juice: this type of packaging juice contains 100% fruit juice and is subjected to an industrial process and packaging generally preserves more vitamin C compared to other juices. It is a juice that usually sells drawn based on orange and no water, sugar or any other ingredient beyond squeezed fruit juice is added.
  • Juice concentrate: is obtained by subjecting the fruit juice to a thermal process in which it is evaporated to 85% water, so that the packaged and add water, fruit pulp, flavorings and other substances as preservatives and others that become less healthy than the previous option to be more artificial.
  • Nectar is a derivative of fruit juice containing 50% juice concentrate plus 50% water and sugar . It has a high concentration of simple sugars and added substances because this developed based on concentrated juice. It is even less healthy because it is artificial and sugar concentrated than before.
  • Fruit drink: juice misnamed because it contains only 10% fruit juice and the rest is water with flavoring, flavorings and other chemicals. It not only provides sugar and industrial ingredients but lacks vitamins, minerals and fruit pulp, therefore, is the most artificial of all option and therefore has won the last among the list of packaged juices as healthy if we .

In Spain, the juice less chosen within the packaged juice is precisely the most recommended and healthy as it is 100% juice squeezed , and it is clear that while its higher cost affects their choice, we can not stop thinking about the health and the artificiality of the other options when choosing the best option among packaged juices.

You know, the best is natural, homemade, but if you are someone who uses canned juices , healthier option for having more micronutrients, fewer chemicals and added sugar, is 100% squeezed juice.

5 ways to choose a good protein powder

Introducing 5 tips and essential recommendations by Personal Trainer DC to buy the best protein and which best suits your protein needs.

Fuente Imagen: Bodybuilding.com

Take the time to select the type of protein, analyse the labelling ingredients and knowing the reputation of the brand are two factors to consider before buying protein. Proteins are important for building and repair of muscle tissue since high-intensity physical activity breaks down muscle tissue. Examples of common protein-rich foods include chicken, beef, eggs, milk, cheese, fish and, of course, additional sources of protein known as protein powder. There are proteins that are found in potatoes, rice, pasta and dried fruit, but most of the proteins that are found in these sources are not considered ‘essential’. Proteins and bioavailability are not as high as that found in meats and products dairy. Therefore, when calculating our daily need for protein, the best is only full or essential proteins. Normally, to gain muscle mass, or even lose the fat, you have to keep a high proteinintake. A good rule to calculate the intake of protein is multiply the weight by 1.5 and divide its consumption in 5-6 meals throughout the day; and how it is generally very difficult to eat a lot of food to reach the recommended amount. The alternative is to eat 2 or 3 times a milkshake of protein powder order to obtain the nutrients required by the body for key moments of the day.

Benefits of protein shake

There are several advantages of consuming 2 to 3 shakes protein instead of all protein-rich food sources throughout the day and include:

  • The convenience.
  • A more rapid absorption of protein after training needs.
  • A better absorption and digestion.
  • It provides a constant flow of amino acids at all times.

At this point it should be clear that the inclusion of a protein powder is very beneficial in the daily need for protein intake. The difficult part is to choose a good quality which would contribute to the muscle gain protein powder .

The winner of mass vs. the power of protein

First, it is necessary to understand that not all the protein powder are the same. There are powders which are known as winners of masses. A winner of mass is, basically, a powder which includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Although the three macronutrients are needed on a diet, to choose a protein powder, a person never should buy a winner of mass if you only really want a protein powder. Some people who are beginners often make the mistake of buying one of these so-called protein powders without knowing which also consume much more protein to gain muscle, and may contribute to the increase of excess fat due to the excess calories. When choosing a powder, it is best to make sure that you have:

  • Low-fat (1 to 5 grams is good).
  • Low carb (1 to 5 grams is good).
  • High content of protein (typically about 20 to 30 grams per serving).

The step test reason time

Another factor to consider when choosing a protein powder is to find out how long the company or the product has been on the market. Our recommendation in general is to consider only products that have existed for at least three years and have been given a good critique of the market. Normally, if a product lasts so long is because it is a quality product that people will continue buying because it works. For this same reason long ago we wrote an article about protein Whey Gold Standard.

The purity of the content on the label

The quality of a protein powder in our opinion is more important than the total amount of proteins, which sometimes can be found in a Whey Protein shake. It is best to always find the tag when deciding on a protein powder and make sure that it does not contain more than 7 to 10 ingredients. In addition, try to find a protein powder with more natural ingredients, an example of this type of proteins is Myprotein Impact Whey, which with a formula without just added is causing anger and still more respondent for the European market. Also choose a protein powder it is important not to be duped by advertising for the so-called “added ingredients” that will further promote muscle growth and analyze the ingredients of the sheetvery well. Supplementation enterprises which are not prestigious could used a dirty trick that would include a little trace of an extra ingredient that can be useful in the promotion of greater muscle gain for himself, as happened with the amino spking technique, but the quantities that include in their products is not enough to make a significant difference. When they do this, the price is often inflated and not worth considering.

The concentration or the rate of isolated or casein

There is also much debate as to what kind of protein is best for eating. In many moments of training many bodybuilders discover that in reality there is no difference but a summary here

  • Concentrate: This is a good source of protein powder that absorbs at a moderate pace; It is usually good to include this type of proetinas between meals.
  • The isolated: A whey protein that is absorbed more quickly and is recommended to take immediately after a workout to transport proteins and amino acids into muscle cells to be killed of appetite and desire to absorb these nutrients.
  • Casein: Casein has a longer period of digestion, but the concentrated and isolated. Many athletes and bodybuilders often include proteins such as your last meal before bedtime, since it provides a constant flow of amino acids throughout the night during muscle sleep.

How to become certified forklift driver

Becoming a certified forklift driver requires more than the simple ability to manage and operate a vehicle. Operate any heavy machinery requires skill and experience to enable the operating conditions are safe. There are plenty of ways you can get certification to become a forklift operator. Some employers will provide training and send you a qualified to perform your tests and receive your license center operator. Here are the steps you need to take to get  forklift certification california.


  1. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 1
    You must know everything that involves operating a forklift. This will help you know what kinds of work require this certification to find employment. Paying for any certification statement is money wasted if you’re not sure what you want to do.
  2. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 2
    Find a qualified school can teach you operate heavy machinery and offers the type of certification you need. If you are an employee of a company that needs to learn how to operate a forklift to ascend or you can make a raise, they probably know a certification course that meets this requirement.
  3. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 3
    Once you’ve completed your training forklift driver and have received your certificate, you must also register for a safety course approved by OSHA (“Association of Occupational Health and Safety” for its acronym in English). This is to ensure that not just the ability to properly operate a forklift, but to make sure you know the safety requirements to operate this equipment according to safety standards OSHA.
  4. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 4
    After concrete safety course approved by OSHA, you will be ready to be hired as certified forklift driver.
  5. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 5
    It is also important that during training safety issues and policies of your workplace are discussed. You can take a general class online to meet some of the requirements of the OSHA but the specific equipment and the rules of the place should be discussed in a class assigned by the company or the employer once you have complied with the general class.
  6. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 6
    Operators should be evaluated on the computer that will operate at an overall assessment at a remote site does not meet this requirement.


  • Be sure to comply with licensing requirements and provides insurance status.
  • At some point you need to take a refresher course in safe operation as part of OSHA standards and because the laws can change.
  • You’ll find a wide variety of career opportunities once you have received your certification. You can work full time at a hardware store or building. You can also work part time and do work when you need the money.
  • Also you find job opportunities in the government sector but you can also work on your own offering your services based on a contract.

What you need to publish your website on the internet?

Today there are many ways to publish your web site, which you will have to evaluate according to what you wish to communicate on the Internet. Then we’ll give you some tips to do so.

The idea of this article is to establish some points that we must not take into account when publishing web site.

What we publish?

This is the first thing to resolve. We want to publish a personal, professional Québec hébergement web, a blog, audio or other. This initial choice will define our publication, reason for which must be well assured and plan as much as possible. The type of site we publish will fulfill a goal which we must have clearly delineated before doing anything.

How do we publish?

At this point they play material resources and knowledge which we have or we could have.This primary budget we will define what kind of publication can take shape. If we do not have sufficient funding to pay for a hosting, a domain, or have enough training to edit our pages the best choice is to use a Wizard of publication of any sponsored or free hosting service.

If on the other hand have funding to pay for domain and hosting professional and also the skills to edit our pages and even to design them or set them can access a professional publication.

Where do we publish?

Already defined our material resources and technical capabilities, the next step is to choose the hosting provider. There is a wide range of hosting, domain registration and each can be adjusted to what you require if it is that we have it well defined. Here according to our publication project it is likely that we need resources such as databases and applications such as CGI, etc.

How is the site structured?

Needs involving the project, we must ask the primary structure of the site. That is what need show?, from how? and take into account details such as Navigation, usability, extensions and probable future modifications.

What tools do we use?

If our publication will use some a hosting free or sponsored Assistant we will have to follow the steps posed the same and in general will not have to go to software apart, except to change the images that we load and some other complement.

Discharge from files and up to the same creation in these system is generally based on forms to be completed reflect our content in a subdomain. If on the contrary we edit or create our pages without assistants will have to get at least three types of software: HTML editor, image editor and some FTP to upload files to the server contracted client.

Basic advice on building a site

It must be taken into account when an HTML page displays an image is not as in a Word document that it is embedded in the file but they are linked and they show an external to the HTMLfile. Some questions emerge from this.

Use of images:

  • You must be sure to upload the image you want to show in the HTML.
  • To make sure that the link is not absolute but relative, this means that the link should not have the form “C:\Mi Web\imagen\imagen.gif”, but that must be the relative path to find the image and the way would be for example “image/image.gif”.
  • The names of files on a web server does not have the same opportunities to our computer, i.e., must prevent the blanks, accents and n for example in the name of a file that will be uploaded to the web server.
  • If file was on your drive “photo of a healthy” agree to adapt it to the requirements of web publishing, i.e. you must be called for example… “fotodeunninio.gif”. At the same time some servers differentiate between uppercase and lowercase, to take extreme caution with this, you can that the image is not displayed because the image “Fotodeunninio.GIF” link to edit the HTML and image to be uploaded take the name “fotodeunninio.gif”, should be in any case before linking images within an HTML.
  • Make sure that it is in the correct path and that its name is all lowercase, no spaces or accents.
  • The weight of the image and the size, if we have an excessively large image and drips it giving you specific size within the HTML to display the small that won’t make that image is loaded faster, the right thing is to resize it with an image editor and then if upload it.
  • Images supported by browsers in general and with which we will spare us problems are gif, jpg and png. As for any other complement to care are exactly the same, whether we add files for java, flash, mp3, windows media, etc.


  • If we are not used to edit Web sites you can to choose some strange font on your computer is installed but that in the majority of the users computers are not installed.
  • Use fonts containing all computer, Arial, Serif, Helvetica, Courier, Times New Roman is recommended for this and most Verdana.Otherwise what on your computer even calling up with a browser page looks one way in the computer of other people will look very different.

HTML editors:

There are two types of editors mainly and many of them have both characteristics to reconcile with the preferences of the users. It can be used, then, publishers WISIWYG (editors in drawing mode) that much resemble the work that one would for example with a WORD file or text editors where to write the HTML code directly.

In the first case you can use even the common Notepad from the operating system. Among the editors of code we recommend Amaya (includes WYSIWYG editor), Screem, UltraEdit (program graduate but excellent to treat any type of code already is PHP, HTML, JS, ASP, etc).

As to the WYSIWYG editors without any doubt the best will get it Dreamweaver (includes FTP, Basic scripts, connections to databases, extensions, etc), clear that if what we need is a free option chosen will be Amaya. Some people use Frontpage which encouraged me to discourage by the problems in the HTML code.

Image editors and multimedia:

To edit images and accessories we need certain software that allows to carry out our work.Undoubtedly the most powerful and versatile animated or static image editor is Adobe Photoshop but as it is a software that you have to pay may not be within our capabilities and we can then use GIMP, which is free software is very powerful and useful.

If what we need is to edit animations it is better to use the flash format. To do this we must dispose of the purchase of the FLASH editor software or by using any less powerful but perhaps useful to our purposes as a Free Flash Editor option.

FTP function:

Depending on the software that we use to create our site we will have or not built-in FTP function. If we don’t have the FTP feature to upload Sitemap recommended is to useSmartFTP, even though it’s a software license is allowed free use for personal or educational use. With this software, what we will do is upload our site in your computer to a web address.


The choice of the hosting is quite consistent with the nature of our project. If our site has dynamic pages need database, but any hosting that meets us in terms of speed, stability and service will be suitable.

We must also take into account other issues such as how many email addresses we can accommodate, that file transfer fee and that support offers us to implement forms and other services such as domain aliases, subdomains, statistics, etc.

If our site is published on a free or sponsored server can make our search in:buscahosting.com and there decide what is the most appropriate to use.


If our publication will be master, is a unique name which identifies our site, the choice is perhaps complicated by the variety of options available. It is important to note that the shorter and simpler is the name, more chances have to get Internet users to access the site just to remember it more easily.

There are many companies and official bodies that register a domain. In general the cost is not high and is paid for periods of a year or more. The choice of the name and the extension (.com,. com.es,. is, .org,. .NET, .edu,. tv, etc) you should plan according to the content of the site, the possibilities of names still available and what we want to transmit already with the same name in the URL of our site.


Publish a site on the Internet as all project is an exciting task, at times arduous and requires patience, dedication and eagerness to learn, because if there is a space where you never ceases to learn something new is on the web.

How to start an accounting business from home

You can start an accounting business from home.

If you’ve been working as an accountant or bookkeeper of a private company, or simply think that accounting can be a career for you, online bookkeeping services is a business that you can run from home. The challenge, of course, is to find enough customers to make the type of salary you need. Fortunately, many small businesses don’t have enough money to hire a full-time accountant, so no customers there outside. Advertise your skills properly and you have a large customer base.








  1. Train yourself to be a bookkeeper. If you still do not have an education and experience, it is advisable to take an accounting course. Most community colleges offer them, but can also be found online. You don’t have to become a professional accountant (CPA) to be a bookkeeper, but this way you increase the range of services that you can offer to your customers.
  2. Sign up to get a postal box in the post office. Most of the counters will need to meet with clients in your home office, but you should not publish your address. A postal box can help maintain your privacy when you’re announcing your services. 
  3. Register your business with the Government. Laws vary by State. Talk to your local office of the Department of Commerce and the Department of licensing to receive the forms that you need to set up your business and to find out if you need a license to do the accounting. For example, in Texas, you must register your business through the State Department and you need a license to be an accountant, but not a bookkeeper. You can notify the federal Government of your business by applying for an employer identification number (EIN for its acronym in English). You can also create a company name and register it as “That operate commercially as” or “DBA” (for its acronym in English). 
  4. Sets apart a space in your House. Remember that you reunirás with customers, so your work area must not be only a laptop at the kitchen table. If possible, use a separate door COGS. Keep comfortable seats for customers and configures your computer so that you can show screens if necessary. 
  5. Create materials to advertise your services. This should include a business card that has your phone number and a simple leaflet showing the accounting services that you provide, such as general record keeping, tax preparation and payroll services. Speaking of your experience and what you can do to help the company. 
  6. Send your materials to the new businesses that are opening in the area. Many new business owners soon discover that finances are a little more than what they can handle. It is these new companies locating your local Chamber of Commerce or reading in the newspaper advertisements of DBA.


  • It offers a free consultation for small business owners. Offers advice on your business finances and show them how can help it keep things organized. Only 30 minutes for this program and be careful not to spend much more time.


The photo booth for weddings can not miss in your party

In recent years the photobooth has become an essential element to give that special touch to your big day. Marriageable couples increasingly are encouraged to prepare a special corner to make it fun and different photos with guests.

For my own wedding, I started to look fun and different ideas from the beginning. I wanted my wedding to be an unforgettable day for us and for our guests, for me was super important to organise something different. As foreign to that am, leia many American blogs. I loved the ideas and proposals so original that they organized on the other side of the pond.

A day without realizing it I came across a wedding where the bride and groom had prepared a special for the guests and since then corner knew the photocall/photo booth at our wedding would not be missing.

Fotomatón para bodas

How to prepare props for the photo booth

Although it is not necessary is something super fun and love to the guests: the props.Children and adults enjoy dressing up with hats, wigs, sunglasses and more accessories that become a veritable feast when photo booth!

Get these elements is very easy since you can buy them at any costume store or you can prepare them yourself. For our own wedding we decided to make a blend. We bought some fun elements, others ask friends (who does not have a wig or a hat at home) and others decided to make them myself to give a personal touch to this corner.

If you like, you can prepare typical lips and funny moustaches made rubber eva and mounted on a wooden stick. They are simple and easy to do. In fact, I have long been a tutorial and templates for the photocall that you can freely download.

Where and in which moment of the wedding put the photo booth?

The wedding photobooth is a fun corner where guests will be passed to become horny photos and leave messages dedicatory. Just why the best time is obviously when you start the free bar. It is there when your guests are more relaxed and animated to be silly and feel free to stroll with wigs and leave funny messages.

Clear that the ideal is to mount it all close to the party in a visible place so that it can be easily found. If you ever thought about having a book of signatures, you can take advantage of that space and combine the booth with the signature book. Your guests will be left open-mouthed, I I assure you!

Fotomatón para bodas

Rent a photo booth for weddings

If you liked the idea and you’re thinking of mounting a fun corner at your own wedding I would like to introduce you to a very tremendous company offering this service: My photo booth.

This company offers a service of cabins photo booth rental and are responsible for all the details to make your wedding day only need to worry out well in photos!

The photo booth includes:

  • Unlimited photos.
  • Total customization of the photos.
  • Copy of photos for your guests with courtesy photo frames.
  • Signature book to hit one of the two copies and guests os the
    set aside.
  • Unlimited recording video-mensajes.
  • Pen drive with the content we deliver anything else finish the event.
  • Props to disguise himself in the photo

You can rent your own booth photo booth for weddings regardless of where you celebrating your wedding. My photo booth offers its service throughout Spain and she is responsible entirely for installation and displacement.

This will be an unforgettable experience for your guests and for you since you will have an unforgettable memory of as they have spent and the guests will have a gift more: memories of an amazing wedding! Also with this service no longer have to worry about anything, the company prepares it all the necessary elements.

Thanks to my own experience I love recommending services so cool like this. My guests still talk about this wonderful idea and are still happy to!

The 9 best mobile applications for reading books

The last time I traveled by public transport I have taken consciousness that almost nobody reads already “physical” books, those who have sheets of paper and smell every one of the stories that transport between its pages. Now what is is to read electronic books or cheap ebooks, whether readers have only function as that of which we speak, in tablets or in their own mobile. Today I bring you an entry in which I am going to talk about the different options that we are in the market to read books on our mobile devices. I will not speak of readers whose function is only that because they have their own software, in contrast with our phones or tablets can choose the app that we like to do our reading a little more comfortable.

leer libros dexpierta

The best mobile apps for reading books

1 Aldiko eBook Reader

Exist in the market a lot of applications to read e-books, but perhaps one of the best-known is Aldiko. He has many options of configuration when reading: tmyself the fonts, colors, margins, leading-out, night mode and allows us the ability to change the background of reading. It also supports the major formats, ePub and PDF, and even those that are protected by DRM. This application has a system in which imported books fall into a shelf from which they can be accessed. Supports a variety of languages and has a search option of texts within each book, as well as a dictionary to all languages supported by the application.

leer libros aldiko

The interface is very accomplished and adapts both tablets and smartphones. It is available for Android in two versions: one free and one payment, with more options.

2 BlueFire Reader

Read PDFs in iOS, the operating system of Apple, beyond the application of native iBooks, has its own name:BlueFire Reader. Possibly the best eBook reader using the Adobe standard. It is free and has many customization options and text search.

leer libros dexpierta
3 ezPDF Reader

If you only want to read PDFs on Android or iOS, the best option is to ezPDF Reader. It is a very powerful application that comes with some extras that make it unique: reading documents by voice, brands in the texts, synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive… Also if we are reading from a tablet, we have the option to read two pages, as if we were doing it in an open book. The application payment but has a free trial version.

dexpierta leer libros

4 Stanza

One of the most classic applications for iOS. It’s perfect for read anywhere, with some rather interesting options for our library have always at hand. It is free and even if you don’t have as many options as others and the interface is quite simple that of which we have seen so far, it is worth to try it, especially if you do not want to scratch the Pocket.

leer libros stanza

5 FBReader

This application is available to read books on Android and BlackBerry 10. FBReader is a formidable reader of ebooks. It comes with many options and enhancements are constantly updated. This e-book reader, is highly configurable and very fast. One of the features that make it more interesting however, is support of plugins (extensions), to improve and allow other features to the reader. For example, one of the most outstanding plugins for FBReader is TTS (text to speech) FBReader to an extension that enables us, in addition to reading our favorite books, listen to them when you want it.


6 Kindle

We must be living isolated from the world of technology to ignore that the sector of reading in digital format has been dominated by Amazon and its Kindle. The Kindle is an electronic book reader that simulates a page of a common book. Following its success, Amazon has migrated its app to other platforms, somo to iOS and Android.For example, offers Kindle for Android or Kindle for iPhone. It has a simple interface and connects with the account of the user at Amazon, so you can enjoy your library from mobile. Amazon has more than one million titles available, 1,400 of these are free. You can also read the first chapter of a book before you decide if you want to buy or not.

It has configuration options of sizes of font, margins and line spacing, which improves the reading on tablets.


Another option, for both iOS and Android is Wattpad, an application that is described as “the largest global community of readers and writers”. Beyond bright titles and Best Sellers, is novel an app where you can read thousands of books from writers from around the world. In its official information they aim to have a database of more than 10 million titles. It allows sharing books through social networks or load your own text. You have options of reading off-line, auto-scroll and night mode. It is an application for reading e-books and, in addition, a community of readers to interact with an internal system of forums to discuss the books with the rest of visitors. I love that touch of social network.

8 Kobo

It is also available for both platforms, iOS and Android app, and that like most of their peers, download is free but not all of its contents. It has a very clean interface that allows to read easily and allows login through your Facebook account.

9 Google Play Books
Operation is similar to the Kindle for Android, because it is a reader of books linked to a store. It is fully integrated in Android, as all Googleapplications. The sync cloud between devices with that system is set by default. You can highlight text, add notes, access a built-in dictionary and use Google Translator features.

Do you know any more? Do you tell it us in a comment? ;)

Block Porn Sites In 5 Easy Steps

how to block porn sites

One of the biggest concerns as parents is the safety of our children, we would do almost anything to protect them, today internet has become the main source of information that our children have to do their homework and to entertain in multiple activities, but how can we protect our children from inappropriate content or information ?, how to block porn sites from cheap london escorts service? or explicit sexual content that is not supposed to see, but that is just a click away to leave terrible consequences in their minds.


There are many options to protect our children from adult content vast proliferating on the Internet, only actively getting involved and learning about the use of the technology we have at our disposal we can protect up to us entirely.


Internet Explorer has an option that allows you to block pornographic sites, and is very efficient if you want to allow access to certain websites while you restrict the rest, you can follow these instructions to do so in Internet Explorer 9:



Step 1:

Open Internet Explorer and click on the gear-shaped icon located on the top right, then click Internet Options.




Step 2:

we click on the Content tab and then enable the button located in the Content Advisor section of the Internet Options screen appears.




Step 3:

In the third step we must select a content category and move the bar to determine the level of content blocking, moving the bar you will notice that the description at the bottom change.



Step 4:

In the same window but the tab of approved sites should introduce the websites to which we will allow access to which is not blocked. Always remember to put all the full URL including http: // to work correctly.


Step 5:

And the last step is to create the supervisor password, you can edit the settings later, whether you want to block or allow access to certain websites. I recommend that the password is easy to remember something for you so you do not have future problems to forget the password.

If you wanted to know how to block porn sites and all kinds of inappropriate sexual content this is an option that gives Internet Explorer on Windows the only problem with this option is that many people say that limiting access to Internet pages excessively and which is true it can become a very restrictive solution especially when the children have to do homework and research on internet we should be adding pages to the section of approved sites which makes it inconvenient.

As block pornographic sites – Conclusion:

Block porn sites with the option of Internet Explorer is a good option if you want to limit very strictly the internet for example when you want your children surf on some websites that you know are safe, but if you want to give freedom to explore the Internet, so they can investigate and do their homework without concern that they might fall into pornography accidentally by misleading advertisements, definitely not a good choice.


If you are interested in learning how to block porn sites and protect your children from inappropriate sexually explicit Internet you might want to learn more about SAINT one antiporno filter that works intelligently allowing free navigation but only blocking pornographic content.

Advertising in online videos and its benefits for businesses

The tendency of the commercials within the network is increasing every day. Therefore, an expert on the subject, Mathias Blüm, director of clipkit, offers a list of tips to companies wishing to bet on the inclusion of video advertising within the network.

Just counting on last year was invested in budgets advertising around 3.3 billion dollars, explicitly, for the creation of online-videoadvertising. While the strong growth of this online trend is demonstrated, the largest investment of advertising spots is on Calgary corporate video production with investments of $ 159 billion in 2010. In 2011, experts consider that investment by video advertising network will show an increase of 19, 6%, which no doubt will continue to increase because of the benefits that brings with it bet on the internet, for example: the targeting, measuring clicks and premium content.

For the advertising campaigns of the most world-famous companies, television will continue to play a very important role in the implementation of these brand. However, companies that set aside the importance having to publish their campaigns on the internet will lose much brand recognition, especially in young audiences. In addition, studies show that more than 85% of men and 68% of women accept to see the spots with images that move within the network. Close the door to this audience, it would be a bad investment for the image of the companies.

The creation of spots that are published on the internet should have a duration of about 15 seconds so to be within the average duration of the premium video content. It is highly recommended to take into account an advertising strategy for the network, which presented contents that remind the viewer also seen spot on TV, but original and non-repeating.


As already mentioned above, the targeting is one of the most important benefits provided by the internet companies. Communities video, like YouTube, and common Web sites that insert videos into your portal, the scope of the spots presented by these pathways may have a scope few imagine. The bet on the internet regarding the publication of spots, is certainly a key to success, especially to a greater brand recognition, due to the powerful that has this medium.


How to buy an used truck

Buying a used car is like walking through a minefield. There are many factors to consider, is difficult to know when one needs to be careful. Here are some points to consider.


Buying a used car

  1. 1
    Decide which is the right vehicle for you. It can mean not to get the vehicle you want but that you need. Investigates consumer guide and remember that a car with a high rating has a high price. A car with a lower rating can be a gold mine if you’re willing to accept one another defect.

    • Considered a model with fewer options or a brand and different model. For example, Lincoln is a luxurious version of the marking of Mercury vehicles. The Lincoln model will have more options and luxurious fittings included. Several models feature a luxury package that can include seats of skin and a set of sound increased among other additional options. If you are trying to save money, stay away from vehicles with these options since they have a higher price.
  2. 2
    Research on the model and brand that you are considering, search consumer reviews, compares the values of the blue book and verifies the history of vehicles with the number VIN. If you find any problem in particular with the model you are looking for, you will avoid correcting them carrying out this investigation.
  3. 3
    Uses a calculator online to give you an idea of the payments that you have to perform. Do not stop only in the price; It is considered that long you will have the vehicle, payments are in accordance with your budget and you can both give hitch. It is considered a new car, particularly if you have funded with less than the normal rate and strongly considered the possibility of buying cash. The absence of monthly payments can have a wonderful effect on your finances.
  4. 4
    Determines that it is what you can pay. When you try to buy a used car, need to consider that it engages you can do (if you will do), how much you can give as a monthly payment and that both gastaras insurance for your vehicle. If the cost of your current insurance will double, you need to take this into account do not make monthly payments too high.
  5. 5
    Provides financing options. Banks are typically offered to finance the purchase of a used car. However, some banks are reluctant to offer this financing if the vehicle is earlier than 6 years model. If your bank will work with you on your funding, this may be the best decisions. Banks typically offer interest rates lower than the of the concessionaires but don’t underestimate to dealerships just because a bank willing to finance your purchase of a used car. When you know the interest rate that you have negotiated with the Bank to the dealership you can get a better offer on his part.
  6. 6
    Search for used vehicles in dealerships, auto occasion usagé, lots of cars, classified and online advertising.
  7. 7
    Get many questions. Get much information possible about the vehicle. Attempts to obtain data from the previous owners and get in touch with them. Check vehicle identification (VIN) number and look for there is no theft report. VIN is usually located in the lower part of the windshield, just below the driver’s side of the Board.
  8. 8
    Always driving the vehicle. He tries to drive the vehicle in different ways and manages no less than 15 minutes. Remember that you’ll be driving this vehicle for a long time.

    • Leads to hear noises in the engine, carry out tests on the levels of acceleration and check the brakes, put special attention on extraneous noise.
    • Check if the suspension feels aligned and provides a comfortable ride. Also check the tires.
    • Take a look at the engine under the hood. If it seems that it has not received maintenance for a long time or find wiring strange question for the service that has been given to the vehicle.
    • Note If the vehicle goes to one side or the other. It is a problem of alignment (or bad tires) If you go to any of the two sides, if it snags is a problem of the brakes.
    • Verifies if there shuddering in the brake to stop the vehiculof; (may be because of the rotors and the brake linings). You must always keep in a straight line, not get out of the course; (rims or guidance components).
    • If you have the time, sit on the vehicle for an hour… seats from time to time feel uncomfortable only until you’ve sat in them for some time.
  9. 9
    Get a professional review. If the concessionaire does not allow you that your mechanic inspect the vehicle, you don’t walk out of that place, run!. It pays to your mechanic to check it. You must lift and check the frame, and the lower part of the chassis for damage.
  10. 10
    Investigates prices – uses an independent source to determine the value of the vehicle you are looking for. The most commonly used sources are,DriverSideand Kelly Blue Book , Edmunds, Latest Cars.
  11. 11
    Trading. Always have an idea of how much these willing to pay for the vehicle before searching. Starts low and tries to reach a point that’s good for you, remember that a “win win” situation is always required to make a sale. Never negotiate if you’re not ready to say yes, it will make you lose power/credibility of the seller when you’re ready to buy.
  12. 12
    Always get all the papers. V5 and MOT service history, insists on 2 sets of keys as a minimum.
  13. 13
    Get a possible vehicle history report. You don’t want to end up with a vehicle that has been flooded with a similar problem.
  14. 14
    Knows the financial history of the vehicle used. To ensure that the vehicle is not stolen, police agencies have records of vehicles with reports of theft.Consultation with the police if you are not satisfied with the amount of information that you are obtaining from seller, can save you much time and avoid problems in the future.
  15. 15
    Mechanically inspected vehicle. Not everyone has the technical capacity of a mechanic. Having said that, there is no absolute reason for the average consumer may not understand enough about vehicles and as operating to perform an initial inspection to determine the appropriate of the conditions. It is highly recommended to make an inspection to the vehicle by a mechanic before buying it but would be expensive and nothing practical having to inspect each vehicle that interests you. Many vehicles are in poor condition and are overstated because people tend to add an emotional and sentimental value in them, thus inflating its price. Learn how to inspect the basic mechanical components of a used car you can drastically reduce the amount of time and money invested looking for used vehicles.
  16. 16
    Main components. As part of any inspection of a used car, you must inspect accurately engine, transmission, drive train, brakes and tires, power system, gas emissions and the exhaust, glass and mirrors as well as also be able to find potential problems in the vehicle.


  • If you are making a change, he inquires about prices, but remember that you will not always get the amount that you find as a result. There has to be a profit margin and you do not you responsible as a dealership due to mechanical problems. Use the blue book, remember that more guidance is not a Bible.
  • If you are buying a vehicle from a private seller, make sure that any right of retention, associated to the vehicle has been paid by the seller.
  • When negotiating recalls that it is not always the price, check guarantee, tank full fuel, or even up to the set of floor mats.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable negotiating prices or checking vehicles used by mechanical problems, consider hiring the services of car buyers.
  • Never buy a vehicle that has been announced as a freshly painted, could have been in an accident.


  • Make as many questions as possible to the owner regardless of the vehicle.
  • Check if it is leaking.
  • Driving the vehicle.
  • Some lots of cars they pose as private sellers. Verify that the title is not recent printing. Check the mileage to date that appears in the title. Review by previous States. Does not mean that it is a fake, only title means that the vehicle comes from a different place. It is common for lots of cars to buy vehicles in other States.

Tips for selling your digital product online

Mundo digital

Selling digital products has multiple advantages over the traditional sale of physicalproducts, it represents a business model that uses the Internet as a main tool fordissemination and distribution, with all that this entails.


It has become a relatively easy way to earn money via the Internet. It is translating intoa saleable product knowledge you can own on a specific matter. Examples of products include videos, audiobooks, e-books, courses, web tools, MP3 files, illustrations,software, hotmart fire 2018, etc.


Below are some tips to get the sale of digital products can be converted into aprofitable business for you:
  1. The really important thing digital products is the idea, the content.Many people design excellent websites that sell and collect easily, but forget to offer aproduct guarantee or actual demand in the market. Therefore, the first step in buildinga business on the Internet is to meet the needs of consumers.
  2. Create a product that really know and you love.As in any business, this is the key to success to stay in the market, innovate andanticipate the needs of the consumer.
  3. Use the website as a means of dissemination of your product.Its design and presentation should serve to display and add value to your productabove all.
  4. Get a high number of visits to your website.Secure your presence in the major search engines, using a blog or looking for strategicalliances with other websites.
  5. Report in an attractive manner on the product.In particular, about its features and everything that can be related with it to achievethat visits your website traffic will become actual sales.
  6. Diversify your income.Thanks to the visitor traffic reached for its main product, can achieve extra incomethrough advertising or partnerships with third parties who do not have a web page (orat least, not with much spread).
  7. Search for methods of delivery and payment easy and accessible to your potentialcustomers.Different studies have shown that the buyer via Internet is a shopaholic, whichsuggests that we must provide a means of instant payment by card (conventional, ofcredit or debit cards wallet, for example, in addition to other systems of digital money,as Paypal).

Sell products digital represents a low-risk business model and profitable which canallow you a way of life that harmonizes the professional and family role.

How to check the background of a person

There are many reasons to check the background of a person, in addition to the pure curiosity. need to know who they are hiring. A uses them to check that their Nanny is reliable. An investor can learn through these if you are working with someone reliable, instant checkmate reviews is not being funny or cruel, but that is a way to protect and loved ones.



It identifies two key pieces of information from the person that you investigate. The two best data are the name and the of residence of at least seven years. Additional data such as date of birth and places of work, will help you to simplify the information.


Check out the websites of States where the person you are researching has lived. The majority of States allow online check the criminal history of a person. On the website of Virginia, for example, there is a special section to review history. You must make a payment by check it; However, not all States have this surcharge, as it is the case in Maryland.


See the Free Public Records Directory (free directory of data public) for information from different States. Be very careful when you check this site. Upon entering the States you will do free, but when you write the name of the person that you research in the search section, you will enter another website where he will be charged.


Please refer to the national registry of sexual offences. Persons whose criminal record involving this kind of crimes, including child pornography and attempted rape, are in this register by law. You’ll also find photography, alias, and description of the crime committed.


Tips and warnings

  • There are two branches to the pursuit of history: the civil and the criminal. Consultations in the civil field will give results as divorce cases and civil lawsuits. Criminals provide information about minor and major crimes.

How to use the internet to promote your business

If your company has a low advertising budget, a variety of promotional tools that can be used at a very low cost, or in some cases, for free. If you have a business and want to expand, the internet is an excellent choice, since most people use this medium to develop large number of actions every day. Enjoy your trip ¨ciber¨.


  1. Use the Internet to Promote Your Business Step 1.jpg

    Get your own web page. Yourself can make it or find someone that do it for you. You can usually have a nice website designed for you for less than $5.00 dollars per month, in addition to annually registas the name of your website and email address. The important thing is to have your web site navigation designs easy to use, full of useful and interesting information, and be free of spam or useless things. Avoid the use of any link that may dissuade a client. Strive to do a good job, is worthwhile, since then, with good service, your page will deliver costs alone.

    • Apart from offer a market to be bought, think of what else it can offer. Putting interesting articles, individual stories, company events, anecdotes about lessons learned, tutorials, etc. Be generous, and your customers will be impressed and will keep looking at your website regularly to see what’s new.
    • Use the Internet to Promote Your Business Step 3.jpg

      Publish your website to many directories of web sites. You can search the internet for many places where you can advertise for free.

  2. Use the Internet to Promote Your Business Step 2.jpg

    Uses the sites where you pay for every click you make in your link. These sites have a long range and many companies have survived thanks to its existence. Select a price for every time that someone click on your links. If no one clicks, you won’t have to pay anything. These formats allow you to place every day new information and change it whenever you want.

    • Using advertising on the sides of the screen (sidebar ads). This is used a lot when people are playing on the network. In addition, this advertising reaches apps for smartphones and electronic table systems.
    • Use ¨publicitar¨ in your Google toolbar.
    • The places where you’ll consider very well. Watch what you write in your listings. No gradients other companies.
  3. 3

    Uses YouTube to promote your business. Perhaps one of the best ways of publish what you are doing is through the videos. Some examples of how to do this are:

    • Download a video of your company and put it all links as you can and with themes, in that way, many people will see it.
    • He recorded the events of your company, so that those clients who could not go to know what happened.
    • Not only put information from the company and what sells in your videos, but it also shows ways to resolve situations and problems that matter to the business name of your business. In this way, your customers will use your videos to overcome their own labor.
    • Create a video where it sees your clients satisfied with the products. Consider people using or consuming what comercializas. This you maybe take a little more time, but worth it.
  4. Use the Internet to Promote Your Business Step 4.jpg

    Participates in forums and blogs. This is a great way to promote your products or services, showing yourself as an expert in the subject and someone who definitely is in the ability to help with the needs of customers. You can often do it for free.However, this option has a big warning: careful entering forums that ask for your URL.They may block your website or terminate all your private information to be published.Do not enter never ever your company’s data to any blog or forum. In some cases you have to pay for your advertising, but in most cases, you do not have to do. Sometimes simply with the fact of presenting you as the founder, owner or direct from the page, it is enough.

    • Never intended to mislead customers, cyber-communities are usually intelligent enough.
  5. Use the Internet to Promote Your Business Step 5.jpg
    Sends mail. Create a list of your current or potential customers with which you may have a constant contact. However, remember that any of them, your post to be classified as ¨spam¨ and not to read them. For this reason, it is important to first send them post where to ask them if they are agreements to receive your information. It is good to advertise to people who are really interested in what you give as a company.
  6. 6
    Spends a good amount of time making quality information. Jump a little of what they offer and put thoughts, jokes or any material that is of general interest, and to entertain your clients. You not only have to talk about reports of your company.Know subtle.
  7. Facebook.jpg

    To open a Facebook account but you already have one. Even if your business has its own, use yours to promote everything more you can, pay advances, videos, notes, etc. optimize this free space!

    • You must create one page to your company and not a profile. The profiles are for people. On the other hand, if Facebook you find using a profile for business, you can run the risk of losing all the friends and advertising that you have there if you close your account.
    • Remember to refresh your information at least once a week. Customers want to see new topics, and if you leave the same information on your website for a month, will lose interest.
    • Get small bells. Creates activities that allow your fans to win some stimulus for using your products. For example, get a competition of people sending videos using your products, to the best of them, the company will give you a kit with all what they offer. This will encourage your customers to participate in your events and activities. And will be a way to make you more popular. Use your imagination.
    • Don’t forget to never, read the terms and conditions of all the pages that allow you to publish. You don’t want to get to a legal problem. Please, pay attention to all the policies and recommendations before accepting.
  8. 8

    Takes your business Twitter. However, remember that Twitter is a conversation, not a place to put products and services. Be sure to instruct your employees so they know how to interact with this social network and your customers.

    • You have to trust your employees. While it is important to not be too confident, you have to form a team that will give you a little peace of mind in terms of work. If a person in your group don’t you gives good Thorn, evaluates very well if you have to leave it or not. Be honest with yourself.
    • Before making a decision about your employee, please analyze and question what you want him or her about you and the company. If you really believe that it is not a good item, then it makes a decision. Remember that that person has information of the company, therefore, it is better if it is withdrawn as soon as possible.
    • It promotes continuity in your Twitter conversations alluding to interesting topics and which arouse interest. It varies what you share. Not only is a matter of give free rein to a just in case. Become proactive, use the tools that you have available.
    • Put comments from Twitter on your website, in this way, your customers will see what he thinks the community in real time about your services.
    • Be very aware that you don’t need to sit in front of the computer all day. Even if you have already created an interesting community, it is important that you relationship with your real life. It is not a question of being all the time chatting and chatting. Get schedules and let them know your clients, in this way, you ordenarás your Affairs and nothing will get control. For any reason being what you promise, remember that you are those who have something to lose, they do not.
  9. 9

    Become part of Pinterest. Pinterest has created a platform for social communities. In this way, you can put photos of your company, products or services. You can also put videos and links in general.

    • Take advantage of your customers. A creative way to attract more attention from the Cyber-Community is asking fans of Pinterest about mark photos of them using your products, or being close to them. It re-marca these to your beloved customers. This will give the fans the feeling that are being taken into account and that the company cares about its existence. With esto will also achieve other future customers want to make part of your business community.
    • It encourages your employees to make advertising on their own sites. Remind them that the company benefits to all, and that it is not a question that only restrict themselves to make it public while they work. It is important to include it in their lives and that they disperse the information to their own friends, and generate information chains.
  10. 10
    Go to Google + pages of business (Business Pages). It is very important that your website be on Google in the same way that is on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t wait.
  11. 11

    Use surveymonkey to get ideas for your business. You can refer to surveymonkey using your website, Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts.Ask people you expect and want from your company.

    • Question honestly on what should be improved in your products and services.Get ready for the honesty of people.
  12. 12

    Keep the media under control and moderately. The media are excellent for business, but if not controlled can be hostigadores and aburridores. Try the following to prevent this:

    • Look at your followers as individuals first, then as customers. Creates a vital link from human to human, and esto will be far to see you as a company that assumes the role of superiority. Don’t them feel that because of need to sell something, your company is friendly with them.
    • Your chances as it avoids words like buy and sell. Be creative, and use words more sociable and less commercial. Try purchasing and facilitate.
    • I know consequent on the information you give on your different networks. It is not very well seen you post an offer on one, while in the other the product retains the same price. Don’t make this mistake, you lose much credibility.
    • Learn from mistakes using the media. With security you will have failures of which you’ll get important lessons. You do not surrender and go ahead.


  • Try not to jump into the ring at a time. It is likely that you are excited and want to start your business as soon as possible, but we recommend you advisors well before doing things. You’ll be in the business world, and this is delicate. So calm down and check first.
  • Although some publications on the internet can cost you money, the beauty of this is that you’ll spend a penny doing paperwork. In addition, you are saving paper and saving trees, since you are not attending an expensive agency that do your work of physical advertising.
  • Take advantage of any free to publish, medium type libraries, Poles, Park and more.
  • Be creative with your marketing, and will save both time and money.
  • Visit your competition. They’re not being unfair to anyone, simply are analyzed market you racing, and its advantages. Put hands to work.
  • Don’t let everything written or graphic, using your words. A great way to learn is through your dialogues with the people who surround you. Tell them about what you do, you’ll see that esto will increase your popularity. Delivery business cards.
  • Not withhold to see webinar as a valuable way to publish your company. People love webinar; feel a part of something big and they are learning a lot for nothing. There are very good webinar programs on the network that does not take much to be learned.Select good songs.


  • Internet clients are application, smart and very wise to detect little smart business.Treat them as if you wanted to make a good impression. Do not try to circumvent them. Be open and honest. Don’t expect that everyone is interested in your services, however, with a good deal, you cautivarás a few that will extend your stay on the market. Take care of them!
  • Remember that not everyone passes while sailing. So develops smart strategies for those who just check your mailbox in their accounts and leave immediately.

How to choose the best professional carpet cleaning service?

Carpeting in the home or office is an important investment. Make the most of investment which means cleaning and maintenance of the carpet properly. One of the easiest ways of achieving this is hire a reliable carpet cleaning such as lakeside carpet cleaning to clean your carpets once or twice a year. If you are not sure of what to look for in a professionalcarpet cleaning service, here are some tips to help you find the best service in yourcity.


One of the best places to begin your search is to make a list of the main products forcleaning carpets in the city. While some are offered General carpet services, others willspecialize. If a particular service tends to focus on types of carpeting different fromyour carpet, crossing one of its list. This will allow you to spend your time looking forin each professional provider of carpet cleaning that might be your best bet.


After assembling a list of four or five leaflets, please contact each of these deepcleaning services. Ask them to leave and view the current status of the carpet andsubmit a price for the work. Beware services that resist to look at your carpet beforequoting a price. A service truly professional carpet cleaning will want to make youaware of special cleaners which may be necessary to eliminate pet stains and otherimperfections in the carpet. If they insist on giving a quick price by phone, delete thelist.


Pay close attention to how each service representative on the evaluation of thecondition of your carpet. Ideally, the representative of the assessment in theworkplace will ask you questions about the nature of the stain, and will let you know ifit requires more than the basic steam or shampoo cleaning. Professional carpetcleaning services try to earn your business in the long term. Keep you abreast of whatis needed to clean carpets in your home to fund is a way to earn your trust and yourbusiness in the process.


Ask for references. Many of the services of cleaning of carpets professional have somecustomers much time that are willing to put in a good word for the service. You canask them references details on how punctual of the service is when is is of quotes, ifthe quotes tend to be near the price real for the work, and what their carpets seemedafter the work is had completed. Get this type of detail of a customer existing that goa long way to help to take a decision.


Have in has that, even after make their selection end, is a good idea keep a list ofthem services professional of cleaning of carpets that were almost their choice. If thethings not work with the service that select, always exists the option of give yoursecond option a try.


A cleaner professional of the carpet.
Cleaning a carpet of steam can help to get rid of pet odors.

How to block porn sites without installing any application

block porn websites How to block porn sites without installing any application

If you have a good antivirus installed on your computer then you may not requieras of the tips that we will mention below; anyway, it is advisable that you try to review the functions offered by the antivirus system when browsing restrict certain Web sites where those pornos or escort girls in east london could be included in the list.

It is worth mentioning that basic or free versions of these antivirus might have absent this feature to block porn sites. For this reason, and then enumerate a number of online services that will help you configure some aspects of your internet browsing from appearing, porn websites at any time and even if the computer is occupied by smaller.

These websites act as online to block Internet porn

We could not guarantee that it is an online application that blocking would represent only run when you log on to its website. What really makes this type of online services, it is to manage or administer the ip address of your computer and in some cases, it belongs to your router. About the latter case, you need not do practically nothing but in some cases it is necessary to know a few parameters of the router, for it must enter its configuration with the respective credentials. If you do not know how to do it we recommend that you review the article previously suggested on this aspect.

  • 1. OpenDNS Family Shield

This online service has the feature to block certain DNS addresses, allowing users of the personal computer (or occupying the same router) that can surf the Internet only on pages allowed.

opendns FamilyShield How to block porn sites without installing any application

Despite being one of the most popular services of the moment, there are still a few inconsistencies which will fight anyone using the same. This usually occurs in a certain incompatibility with Internet browsers, for example, OpenDNS can have a great effect even in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome have to wait a long period of time for the changes to take effect. Moreover, there are certain pornographic websites that manage to evade this online service, and must therefore try to block them manually in its settings.

  • 2. Norton Connect Safe

If the proposal mentioned earlier came not work, we recommend using this. It has three basic systems to block porn websites or other user environment, I want to be disqualified navigation:

  1. Security Settings
  2. Security settings and block porn websites
  3. Security Settings, block porn web pages and unknown


The user only has to choose one of three options, which depend on the interest that has blogger when different types of websites.

  • 3. MetaCert DNS

This becomes an excellent choice as long as we use only Firefox or Google Chrome on our PC.


This situation occurs because this alternative is actually a complement and extension that the would be installed in these browsers. They identified the attacker IP address and the block immediately, provided that this represents to pornographic websites.

  • 4. Safe DNS

With this option we will be able to block pornographic sites, sites where it fosters alcoholism, smoking or violence by default. The free version is enough to use as there could get to choose from 50 different categories cover almost 50 million websites prohibited and could be easily blocked.

  • 5. Sentry DNS

With the same primary function of those alternatives mentioned earlier, here we also have the ability to block pornographic websites.

Moreover, the tool will help users to avoid including any kind of malware, botnets, phishing or any type of illegal downloads.

To be able to use any of the alternatives that we have suggested, you necessarily have to open a free account and there, let the system automatically configure the service with the IP address of the personal computer or the router.

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The best apps to view or download movies and TV shows on Android

Show Box for Android (MovieBox) is the best app to watch movies online or download moviesand TV shows with a catalog upgraded from premieres and new chapters to classics ofcinema and TV.

Pandora’s box was opened with the arrival of PopcornTime and the viewing of movie sand series online has tripled. This program that started as an open source projectclosed its original idea but left a lot of children that are embittering him life toHollywood and other companies.


The application that Show Box bears the name is no exception. Joins programs and sites to watch movies online and series online but with a mobile focus because he was born as an application for Android tablets and phones and, recently, also works oniOS.

What offers Show Box

Hard to believe that it is a complete application. In fact, it is best worked than any otherApp to watch movies and TV shows you’ll find, is perhaps for this reason that theofficial services (with the exception of Netflix) do not thrive. Design and performanceare the key. But then, what Show Box offers:

  • Watch movie online or download if you want: new releases or classic
  • See series on line or download any chapter you prefer: from game of Thrones untilDareDevil.
  • Integration with subtitles through Opensubtitulos.org: almost any translation ensures
  • Filter navigation to display titles by IMDB rating, by year, by recently added to thecatalog and by genre.
  • Different options for playback in low, medium, or high. The download option is linkedto reproduction online, so we can see at the moment or download and view at anytime even if we are offline.
  • Mark a film or series as favorite
  • New titles added: in the Updates section, you can see what have been the latest titlesadded
Movies and series with subtitles in Multilanguage


It is perhaps one of the coolest features of the application because it allows us toaccess the subtitles of the film or episode without having to leave, thanks tointegration with Opensubtitles.org since by simply adding your account information(open it free) you can access all the available files. Most are translated in LatinSpanish.


Show Box for Android APK
The application is called Show Box and you can download the APK from here. The newupdates come as a notification to the application, so it is not necessary to downloadadditional files.

The 3 best applications to watch free movies on Android

Nowadays almost anything can be done from our phones or tablets, and that along with the piracy that exists on the internet gives us the possibility to watch free full movie completely free from our Android.

Below movie tube leave you a compilation of the best applications to see movies free on AndroidApps I tried them on my Nexus 7 and the truth I was surprised of how well that work.

You movies free

I think that it is one of the best options for free on Android peliuclas, it has a large database of new films and premieres 2013. At the beginning we have to specify the language to show us results more consistent with our needs. Most of the films are inSpanish from Spain or Latin Spanish. The video quality is excellent as they reviewed all films before adding them to the database.


Crackle is one application that has an interface a little better designed, however has almost no premieres, has many films but are many years ago, namely that we have seen them all. However it is a good choice for boring people who have a tablet or phone and want to see free movies.

If you want to highlight something like advantage above the former is that we can see series.


WiFi movies 2013

It is the last option that I’d like to recommend, but you have the same problem as the previous, films are not premiere, however it is a very good alternative for watching free movies when we are boring. We can make search or filter by gnenero.

peliculas wifi 2013


Personally we prefer You movies free, it is the application that has the database more updated with movies more new, even to have releases from this year and the quality is excellent. The other two options are more for people who want to watch movies and comes well anything, if they seek releases are not the best choice.

The risks of baby carrier

Los riesgos de los portabebés

The carrier facilitates the contact of the baby with the mother or the father, let the proximity of these and that the baby is secure, being able to control your breathing and your heartbeat. However, an incorrect use of the same may involve a number of risks of the carrier for baby.

For this reason, it is essential that before bringing parents aware of problems that involve the carrier and the recommendations to be followed.

The sad news of a five-week baby who died of suffocation while her mother would take him in a baby walking down the street in United Kingdom has reopened the debate about the suitability of this system and the risks that can lead to the use of the carrier. This, moreover, as he has learned after this incident, is not the first case that occurs: according to newspaper Daily Mail, the product safety Commission’s (CPSC) United States consumption has investigated at least 14 deaths of babies in the last 20 years related to the carrier.

The main risks of the carrier

It is, therefore, a recurring problem that necessitates a greater knowledge about a proper carrier use and increasing awareness of its dangers. In the same vein, the CPSC, in 2010, it has warned of the carrier in the form of “C” entailed certain risks to the newborn. The two main risks are:

-Pressure in the nose and mouth. If the carrier pressed the nose and mouth of the child, it will prevent proper breathing.
-A bad positioning. If the baby is in a curved position, his Chin pressed against his own chest can move, breathe or cry for help.

Guide to purchasing a perfect baby carrier – 7 tips to good use of the carrier

In principle, the use of the sling is a system since it allows the baby to have direct contact with the mother, and is in turn recommended to handle more freely. The problem appears when this system becomes a habit that mothers do not take precautions, do not measure the risks and do not take into account a number of recommendations:

1. constantly monitor the child. Take a child in a sling implies a constant monitoring of the same.Use this system not be translated in an oversight on the hand of the father and the mother or a lack of permanent control.

2. maintain open Airways. It is necessary that the child does not suffer any obstruction in their Airways, allowing always air will not just allow missing oxygen and that the child is numb and cardiorespiratory arrest.

3. do not cover or pressure head. The baby’s head must be uncovered and must not be pressed against the mother’s breast, so that, as we have pointed out in the previous paragraph, you may have free airway.

4. not allow the oppression of the baby. Although there is the widespread idea that, to greater restraint, greater security, must not fall into the mistake of hold with such force the baby front chest your body finish hold.

5. prevent the carrier tilt. In addition to the importance that the child is in a correct position, the way in which the mother transportation carrier will be key to avoid risks. Thus, it is important to be aware of not carry sling with much slope and that baby not much lower.

6. protect the baby’s neck. The position of the neck will be as important as that of the rest of the body. For this reason, it is necessary to take into account that the baby’s neck should not be too bent since, if your neck is bent it will hinder your breathing by compressing their Airways.

7. maintain a correct position. Bad posture can be a risk of death, serious neurological injury on the baby. The correct position will therefore vertically, with your knees at the height of his hip, open face that can breathe without difficulty and finally, little flexed neck.

The carrier and the sudden infant death syndrome

Following this debate, many are that perhaps begin to find a relationship between the carrier and other causes of infant death. 

Readmore: boba best baby carrier for men

Avoid the fireworks. They pollute the air

Why avoid the Fireworks if they are cute, I enjoy them as a child and I like?.

Because take care of nature is not only a fashion. This concern takes sacrifices very simple but effective.

• Fireworks pollute the air.
• They kill birds.
• The annoying noise affect autistic children and the elderly.
• Afraid of greatly to dogs and cats.
• Use can cause serious accidents to children and generate fire.

Fireworks lose their shine with pollution. Combating air pollution is everyone’s responsibility.

The firework shows generate three types of pollution: perchlorate, oxidizing agent that is used to launch the rocket; heavy metals which are explosive bomb and produce staining of pop; and solid aerosols, which arise after the explosion.

The Perchlorates are very harmful for the health of the male elements “can affect the thyroid”.

It is not only the air pollution. Noise pollution is also another factor.



Sierra circular


  • Projection of particles and dust.
  • Electric shock.
  • Wheel breakage.
  • Cuts and amputations.
  • Struck by objects.
  • Abrasions and entrapments.
  • Overexertion.
  • Environmental noise.
Preventive measures:
  • Circular saw machines will be equipped with the following protection elements: Shell covering of the disk, knife cutting splitter, pusher of the workpiece and guide, outer protective cover of the transmission pulley, watertight electrical switch and earthing must be is included in the same power cord.
  • Before starting work check the status of the disk; If it is worn or cracked it would be immediately replaced.Check that the ground connection is not void.
  • Before starting to cut, and the machine is disconnected from electric power, turn the disc. It must be replaced if cracked or cracked or missing a tooth. If this is not done in this way you can break during cutting and a worker may be injured.
  • The disk must be protected during cutting (lowered casing).
  • All nails or metal parts wedged in the wood that is to be cut should be removed previously. It is possible that you crack the disc or the wood leave farewell in an uncontrolled manner, causing serious accidents.
  • Saws not be placed to the distances of less than three meters (as a general rule) from the edge of the slab with the exception of those who are effectively protected (networks or Rails, Wahoo’s, etc.).
  • The power supply will be made by hoses anti-humidity, equipped with watertight plugs through the electrical distribution box.
  • It is prohibited to place the circular saw on flooded places, to avoid risks for falls and electrical contacts.
  • It will clean products from cuts, the outskirts of tables, circular saw sweep and stack for your load or discharge.
  • You must have a container for cuts.
Collective protections:
  • The machine will be placed in areas that are not also well ventilated and step.
  • Adequate conservation of power.
  • The machine – tool will feature the C.E. marking
Personal protective equipment:
  • Safety helmet.
  • Leather gloves (bring pictograms of obligation to use gloves) and safety boots.
  • Filter mask.
  • Glasses particulate or display suppression.
  • Hearing protection.


Five luxury villas for rent this summer

Rental of luxury villas with hotel services in Croatia, Kenya, Paris and Chamonix (France).

The privacy of a hotel without sacrificing comfort is a top of many travelers. Why give up the services of a large establishment or the intimacy of a private villa when you can have it all? This is the question that were made ​​in Paradizo Private Collection, a luxury travel club where members have the option of booking a private villa on holiday. The club has 14 residences, all with over 250 square meters, Mauritius, Kenya, Chamonix, Paris, Mykonos, Sweden, Croatia and Italy, which this year the Riviera, Marrakech and Tuscany will be added. Villas in Spain have in Catalonia and Ibiza. The profile of its clientele ranges from managers in business and families in their holiday period, but are also available for meetings and customer events. The services we offer guests a private chef, chauffeured limousine, babysitter or guide to explore the African landscape.

‘Charme’ urban in Paris

Where: Paris

Features: La Reserve has 10 luxury apartments in the Place du Trocadero in Paris.The designer Rémi Tessier was responsible for the decoration of these homes with valet service, private chef and dimensions ranging between 140-300 m2.

Price: 2000-2990 evening / night.

Mauritius luxury villas

Where: Mauritius

Features: Villa With 3,4 Bedrooms, Situated On The East Coast Of Mauritius

The villas Stylia (200 m2) is the pinnacle of style, comfort, service and spaciousness. It combines modern luxury with elegance to create a sophisticated sanctuary perfect for peaceful family retreat, honeymoon holidays or special events in Mauritius Island. Stay at the Stylia beach villa or Garden villa for prestigious high end Mauritius villas near a sandy beach in Trou D’eau Douce.


Overlooking the sea in Croatia 

Where: Primosten (Croatia).

Features: The villa is in the neighborhood of Primosten, close to the Adriatic Sea, overlooking the bay. It has three bedrooms, swimming pool, sauna, gym and socializing area. Has additional services such as private chef or chauffeured limousine. Price: 690-1600 euros per night.

Sunset in Kenya

Where: In a nature reserve in Kenya, Africa.

Features: The Colonel’s Lodge, with two bedrooms, is one of four ‘lodges’ luxury resort, with up to 16 people in its entirety. It features butler service, concierge, a personal guide ‘Maasai’ and ‘Askari’ (to ensure security), plus spa and massage. The ‘lodges’ have views 20,000 acres of green hills and valleys and African species of acacia trees.

Price:1880-2600 euros per night.

Fresh air in Chamonix 

Where: Chamonix, France.

Features: A wooden house attached to a fir forest, overlooking the Mont Blanc. With capacity for 10-12 people, it has five bedrooms and a porch. It is not just an option in winter, in summer you can walk in riding, ‘rafting’ or explore its caves.

Price: 350-1429 euros per night.

Important things that need to be concerned If you hire a Photo Booth

If you are making plans for some time, the union, and the business function or if you want that your wedding feast is the popular way to remember long time, then you want to hire a photo booth, for this event. Many people are struggling to expose themselves in front of a photographer that can result in slightly irregular and spectacular photographs.

A photo booth is not considered for the replacement of a specialist photographer, who is only present there to capture some sparkle that only a professional photographer may not be able to do it. This idea of the images will be appreciated not only by customers, but by your guests, so also takes the praise by the comfortable atmosphere cabins usually created with the ability to capture photographs and his entourage reserved.


High-tech improvements have allowed a photo booth to emerge as a tool technologically sound. The days of small traditional unique images have gone. The last photo booth rental can be composed of touchscreen panels, digital cameras of high dimension and to green-screen technology to change the background of the photographs.

There are different types and forms that are offered; Therefore, it is advisable to have a close look at the position that is provided by the organization. Each organizations will also occasionally have ancient models, which are provided at a rate of condensate, but you always get what you pay with Photo Booth technology.

Other highlights of a recent Photo Booth installation to date is the possibility of recording a video message for the host of the event. Often, operated by touch screen, guest chooses only the possibility of recorded messages in video and quickly the entire message. Some cabin photo for cars on the market has a certain limit of time of 10 seconds for a message; while others may not have any time limit for the message. You can always check with the services provided by the company.

A photo booth rental price is different, depending on your location and you can order from the cabin.Sometimes an organization will make a cost per hour for a minimum period of rental, and then there may be some costs in excess of some specific characteristics. Do not take this as a final invitation to prices that are advertised is the only price that is paid, always ask for a quote for your event and be sure to explain everything you need.

Take your time properly and do a thorough investigation at the time of choosing a photo for rental booth. A photo booth provides very useful functions for any event and absolutely loved by guests.

Doors and fixed glazed with aluminium profiles

Las puertas y fijos acristalados de aluminio NovoFire® son la solución perfecta

The doors and fixed glazed aluminum NovoFire ® (formerly call Coolfire ®) are the perfect solution to build modern fashion. With its elegant finish surface, timeless design and numerous options, offer nearly any possible combination for architects and ambitious proyectictas when they design transparent glazing fire and smoke indoors. One or two sheets with glazed doors and/or elements can be combined versatilmente between them.NovoFire ® systems are particularly stable, thanks to the framework of 4 mm thickness, and extremely compact, due to the kernel firewall which is anchored to the heart of the framework. This creates a uniform visible width of only 150 mm for all models. After many requests, added, a finished “anodised aluminium” that makes it look like stainless steel.
Antihumos según DIN 18095

You demand high standards both in use and design? So our solutions are the answer.
To start the most important features: according to DIN 18095 smoke. Kinds of firewall EI230 / 30 EI or EI290 / EI 90 according to DIN 4102, burglar resistance depending on V1627 for doors EI230 class WK1 or WK2, WK3 optionally available. 1 or 2 leaves fire/smoke doors can be combined with fixed with any distribution of baquetillas elements up to a height of 4 m (EI290) or 5 m (EI230). They can be integrated with top closers, electric door opener, or anti-panic functions in accordance with DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125. This wide range of applications, obviously offers tremendous possibilities for numerous explanations.

The design is consistently aligned with this philosophy. All systems are of the same appearance, and windows and doors, side elements can be combined at will: two factors that are particularly welcome in the sophisticated construction of property. When the when the doors and fixed are flush with each other, the value of a certain lack of willingness to compromise is evident: the simplicity of forms gives users the maximum possibilities for design.


Description of the system


Aluminum door element is made of hollow profiles with a camera. Combined with a lower Board of soil which descends automatically. This door is being tested for protection firewall in accordance with DIN 18095. The visible width of the frame and the hoja:150 mm, the plinth height: 98-238 mm, 74 mm mounting depth (IE230 / EI30) or 90 mm (EI290 / EI90). The passive leaf in a two-leaf door must not be less than 500 mm. The elements are pre-assembled mounting hub or by welding.


Lock latch, prepared for profile cylinders, game picapostes, and switches oval rosette optionally on aluminum, steel noble or plastic. The passive leaf is maintained through superior interlocking by a lever latch alternately possibility of panic function according to DIN EN 179 or DIN EN 1125. Top door closer according to DIN in 1154 for example GEXE TS 500 with sliding, Dorma TS 93 or systems integrated door closers (Dorma ITS 96), automatic doors according to DIN 18293/DIN 18650.


Two hinges in aluminium with pin formed by two pieces, adjustable tridimesnionalmente, if the door is going to run with swing door drive recormendamos three hinges. They are available Hinged secondary glazing technology with bearings rather than bolt-on hinge upon request.


Anodized, with appearance of stainless steel or enameled final by means of coating powder (RAL classic to choose).


Laminated safety glass (LSG) or mild (VSG). Options of glass panel fillings, profiles with unilateral glass overlap and slats portavidrios on the opposite side of the hinge, dry glazing gaskets EDPM.


Glazed fixed
Surface flush with the door, alternatively joints possible placement in solitary, choice between bezels or unions T. The bars of the frame must pass firewalls without discontinuities along the entire height of the fixed glazing.
El núcleo cortafuegos

The core firewall, which is fixed in the Middle, frees up space on each side that can be used, for example, for laying cables, or to attach additional pieces.

El área que rodea las dos bisagras está refozardo en el interior para mejorar la estabilidad

The area surrounding the two hinges is refozardo inside to improve stability.

Life insurance in Canada

In Canada, the is widely regarded as of the pillars of financial planning, along with insurance and investments. Canada tax law is very generous when it’s life insurance benefits, as well as the investment opportunities within a life insurance product, and they are often advertised by the accountants and investment professionals as an effective tool in tax planning.


The Canadian life insurance industry is a competitive landscape and varied, dominated by giants like Sun Life, Toronto Life Insurance Agency, Manulife and Great West Life with several smaller players, including subsidiaries of insurance companies of the big commercial banks. Products will be increasingly more refined and increasingly affordable premiums, since the population enjoys an ever-increasing life expectancy.


Canada life insurance products are divided into two main categories: permanent and temporary. Temporary insurance is typically available for renewable periods of 10 and 20 years, as well as premiums generally level to the age of 65 to 75 years. Special products have also generated a niche for themselves, especially the products offered to protect a single need, such as a mortgage or a commercial loan. Permanent insurance is available for a period to 100 years, whole life, participating whole life and Universal life.


Participating whole life insurance offers the option of receiving dividends on your policy.Dividends are paid when the life insurance company experiences financial results more favourable than expected in regards to the claims, expenses and investment returns.Dividends may be tax free if they are reinvested in the policy to buy more insurance coverage.Universal life insurance allows that the insured’s lifetime pay insurance and, if desired, increase your premium to generate an investment with tax advantages within the insurance policy. Life insurance choose from a wide variety of investment options and accrued interest is not taxable within the prescribed limits of the federal Government.


In Canada, permanent life insurance, especially life whole participant and Universal life, often are used as vehicles for investment due to their treatment with the tax advantages offered by the federal Government. They not only pay tax-free death benefits, but any increase in the resulting investment within the policy is tax-free to death. This allows Canadians to build large amounts of unregistered money and pass it on to their heirs free of taxes at death.


Canada life insurance may be sold only by an adviser of life insurance licensed who holds a license of the province you want to carry out commercial transactions. Life insurance licensing is under the jurisdiction of the Board of insurance in each province. Insurance companies are supervised by the federal Government by the Office of the Superintendent of financial institutions.

The novel “Fifty shades of gray” perpetuates violence against women

The novel “Fifty shades of gray” which promoted as an erotic romance, has became a global bestseller, perpetuates the problem of violence against women, according to a study published today in the Journal of Women’s Health magazine.

Associate Professor Ana Bonomi of Ohio State University, and her collaborators in investigation concluded that emotional and sexual abuse dominates the novel in which the main female character, “Anastasia”, suffers damages as a result.

“While partner violence affects 25 percent of women with prejudice for their health, social conditions – including normalization of abuse in popular culture through novels, movies and songs-create the context that supports such violence” the study said.

The novel by EL James described as “romantic” and “erotic” relationship billionaire Christian Grey, 28-year-old university student and Anasasia Steele, 22.

Bonomi and her collaborators on this study, Lauren E. Altenburger and Nicole L. Walton, read the novel and wrote summaries of the chapters to identify the main issues.

For their study they used, as the definition of intimate partner violence the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US, including emotional abuse through intimidation and threats, isolation, surveillance and humiliation.

In the area of sexual violence the defined Government n includes acts and contacts forced against the will of the person, including the use of alcohol and drugs or  bullying.

“This book perpetuates dangerous abuse standards and it is presented as a romantic and erotic novel for women,” said Bonomi. “The erotic content could have been achieved without the issue of abuse.”

In the novel Anastasia suffers the common reactions among abused women, the study added.

The main character feels a constant threat and a loss of their own identity, modifies its behaviour to keep the peace in the relationship when, for instance, hides his whereabouts to avoid the wraith of Christian.

Also it becomes helpless and is trapped in the relationship as her behavior becomes a mechanical response to abuse patterns Christian.

You can download the novel at http://fiftyshadesofgreypdf.org/fifty-shades-darker-pdf/

6 tips to protect your home to prevent theft

6 consejos para proteger tu hogar para evitar robos

While in some cases we can not avoid them, there are some precautions that can be taken to try to minimize the risk.

Exterior doors

• Exterior doors should be solid wood or metal to better protect it from intruders.
• Be sure to keep all the doors locked or locked at all times. Besides the latch or lock, you should also install a bolt of the double type paddle or similar on all entry doors.
• Not all robberies occur in a vacant House. You might also consider installing a peephole to see who is at the door before you open it.

While in some cases we can not avoid them, there are some precautions that can be taken to try to minimize the risk.


• Whenever you are not at home and at night their windows must remain closed and locked.
• Consider installing bars or shutters with latches on all windows to avoid that they are enforced.

Sliding glass doors

• Call a locksmith professional to install locking devices which ensure the doors to frame or to the rail.
• Adjust doors Rails-free lights so they can not be lifted and removed from the Rails.
• Place a bar of metal or wood, such as a metal pipe or a broomstick, the rail so that the doors can be opened.
• Install hinges with surety that slipping on the Rails to prevent the door to be forced.

Outdoor lighting

• Lighting, both inside and outside of your home, is one of the best and most economic measures to discourage thieves. The Interior lights give the impression that housing is occupied, while the exterior lights make it harder for a thief to find a place to hide.
• Should install lights near porches, all exterior doors, garage and other entry points. Keep all entrances well lit.
• Reflectors are also a good choice for your home exterior lighting. You can also opt for lights with motion detectors that automatically illuminate when they are moving in the area.
• For added security, install some of the lights away from the hand, so that it is not easy to remove or break the light bulbs.
• Point the lights so that your patio and garden are illuminated so you can see anyone approaching.

Burglar alarms

• Burglar Alarms Birmingham systems can offer you many advantages if you live in a remote area or if it stays away from home for long periods of time. In addition, if you live in a high crime area or saves valuable elements in your own home, you should also consider installation of a security system. A wide variety of alarms is anti-theft and security systems available.
• If you do install a residential alarm system make sure that all persons living in your home are trained to use it.

Safety while outside your home

• Make sure that your home has the aspect of housing inhabited at all times. If possible, ask a friend, neighbor of trust or family that remain in your home during your absence. If not, arrange for that every day someone remove the mail and newspapers and turn on the lights.
• If you will be absent for an extended period, consider using timers for your lights so turn on and turn off automatically at predetermined times.
• Ask to mail and the diariero to stop making deliveries to your home while you are away.

No method that is 100 per cent effective against thieves, but if you notice the tips above can reduce the odds of becoming the next victim of a robbery.

Laws violating the NSA spying and how you can defend yourself?

Paris, 10 December 1948: in the premises of the Palais de Chaillot, the United Nations General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration of human rights. A text that, 65 years later, suffers from a frontal assault from the United States through the NSA spying website flexispyreview.org.

There are events in the international story about espionage, just quote the Stasi or the CIA experiments. However, the case of the NSA spying is perhaps somewhat different, as used in an arbitrary manner and invasive technological advances that we take us all today.

Today in ALT1040, before the latest information on the tracking of 60 million calls in Spain in a single month by United States, we want to address the legal keys of the NSA spying. To this end, we recently talked to Sergio Carrasco, lawyer and telecommunications expert.

Privacy is a human right

In the Universal Declaration of human rights which we mentioned above, is collected explicitly, through article 12, that the right to privacy is a human right:

No one will be object of arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, or attacks on their honour or reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

For this reason, the activities of the national security agency of United States attack directly against this right, while the administration of Barack Obama do not get tired of repeating that the NSA spying ampara in the rules of the Patriot Act, which aimed to prevent possible terrorist attacks.United States has skipped several international agreements

However, metadata espionage tasks not only track possible terrorist suspects, but that activity has gone beyond, doing indiscriminate work on politicians like Angela Merkel or Felipe Calderón.

As explains Sergio Carrasco, the frontal attack to privacy also means “in some cases the breach of treaties as they are the research to prevent the financing of terrorist groups, given that there is a mechanism to do so”.

And it is that agreements such as the Convention for the Suppression of the financing of terrorism and the resolution 1373 of United Nations already include collaborations between countries to ensure international security.There is even a European regulation on the privacy

It is therefore striking that espionage of the NSA, clearly arbitrary and indiscriminatorio, not caused at the moment a firmer affected countries response. While it is true that there have been convictions public at European level of the performance of United States, the truth is that legally it is unlikely that the EU can give more steps in that regard.

Carrasco explains that “as we have no regulation at European level, mainly us welcome to the particular rules of each State, notwithstanding some precepts that may exist in the treaties”. In the case of Spain, the crime against the privacy would be typified by the 197.1 article of the Criminal code:

Who, to discover secrets or violate the privacy of another, without his consent, you taking possession of his papers, letters, emails or any other documents or personal effects or intercept their telecommunications or use artifice technical listening, transmission, recording or reproduction of sound or image, or any other communication signal, shall be punished with the penalties of imprisonment from one to four years and a fine of twelve to twenty-four months.

Due to the weight of the United States, Carrasco recognizes that international measures that could be taken would be more of a political nature, such as the “end of certain agreements of exchange of information, and the statement made by the European Parliament that will handle most new treaties were signed”.

espionaje de la NSA

At Spanish level, on the other hand, perhaps is should consider the update of the law 25/2007, which speaks of the conservation of data related to electronic communications and public communications networks. In this case, hardening law would somehow limit the collection of data on investigation of crimes.

As a political measure, on the other hand, the Spanish Government has acknowledged that the NSA spying is “improper and unacceptable practice”, after a meeting held between the Secretary of State for the EU, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, and the Ambassador of the United States, James costs.

Can we report that we have spied?

The answer to this question is not simple, since as we have seen in the case of the NSA spying, “limits to these activities put them more than the right techniques”, according to Carrasco. And from a legal perspective, as we have seen, United States tries to avail themselves of its legislation, but Sergio Carrasco doubt that “is justified to allow unlimited access outside its territory”.

You could report individually, but we should demonstrate the violation of privacyWhat can we do individually to the NSA spying? Apart from the known encrypted communications, from the legal sphere, individuals could be denounced the practices of United States.

But as explains Carrasco, while there could be individual complaints, “the problem would be really prove that such violation has occurred”. In addition, continues the lawyer, “to count with effectiveness, get a favorable ruling, would have to go to the courts and tribunals of the United States”, a situation similar to the occurred with case Megaupload.

In the case of companies which had cooperated “voluntarily”, would be possible, says Carrasco, “to determine if it could act legally against its activity”, contrary to what you mentioned regarding political decisions against the United States.The legality of the spying is not yet clear in international law

As we see, from the legal point of view, the situation is more convoluted than it seems. And it is that from the perspective of international law, espionage is still an issue that arouses discussions on.

To give just two examples, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court recognizes the espionage as a lawful activity. But on the other hand, the United Nations resolution 2625 determines that no State may interfere in the “internal affairs” of another.

If this second text we add duty to ensure the right to privacy which we cited earlier, a legal point which should be resolved urgently is without doubt. Perhaps the only positive side of this case is that, once and for all, be agreed minimum principles on respect for legality and individual rights in issues related to espionage.

Concept of psychic injury

An injury, according to Article 147.1 of the Penal Code, psychics bible, is defined as impairment of bodily integrity or physical or mental health. This concept can encompass all kinds of disease at large and, in addition, any disturbance of mental health, so that psychic injuries can be a typical result of bodily injury. The treatment to be given to certain psychological injuries that the victim may suffer other violent crimes are typically may be different. In this case it would be before the concept of PTSD or reactive depression suffered by victims of crimes against sexual freedom, theft, etc. In these cases have applied the so-called theory of the inherent whereby these disorders are consequences of the crime in question and must be taken into account when assigning punishment but would not proceed further sanction.  However, sometimes yes they have accepted the autonomy of psychic injuries resulting from any action as above when the intensity of aggression or other special circumstances have far exceeded the typical result of violent action.

Laws against intruders in the state of Florida

Florida law defines the intrusion as a crime, both against a person as a property. Intruders may be defendants in civil and criminal courts, depending on the nature of the offense. A person has to enter a property knowing it is another to be accused of a crime of intrusion. Entering a property that is trespassing while in possession of a firearm increases the penalty if found guilty.

Fences and signs

Police officers, sheriff’s deputies and park rangers enforce trespassing laws. People can not legally claim lack of knowledge only because there were signs of “no trespassing”. If an owner verbally warn a person who does not enter the property or land is fenced, legal requirements for potential invaders of ownership are met.

Trespassing of a waterway

Florida law requires landlords signs posted “no trespassing” signs along waterways, to warn potential intruders the limits of the property. The sign must be used according to the guidelines of the state of Florida, related to its size and distance of the cartel. The tacit consent of homeownership is recognized by law, if an individual was allowed entry and land use previously. The owner must verbally or in writing revoke the previous consent or implied consent to claim the trespassing.


It is a violation of the laws of Florida trespassing enter private property to hunt without permission. Enter private property without permission with a firearm carries a fine of up to $ 5,000 and a maximum of five years in prison. Florida law intentionally hurt warns against any intruder. This law also requires that an owner who knows that there is a trespasser, warn people of the dangers that are not obvious in it.

Public harm

Public nuisance laws mainly concern the youth intruders. If an adult let an element, such as a freezer, refrigerator or cupboard doors with intact and suffocate a child discarded inside the element, is responsible adult. Owners can not help airtight containers or discarded in any area where it is known or likely to pass children without permission elements. Homeowners can reduce the risk of prosecution for public harm by putting a fence around potential nuisances, and warning children, in writing or verbally about the dangers and trespassing.

Swimming Pools

Florida law does not consider drowning in an artificial body of water such as a pool, it is the responsibility of the owner, unless there are specific factors. Property owners should have an “unusual element of danger” present. A pool could be considered as a “seductive trap” if a vacuum hose that works underwater, causes a child to drown. Florida courts consider intelligence, risk and age of the child when deciding on the guilt.


A few days ago I came across this publicity pamphlet, which would have missed no more if not for the “credentials” that displays:


The Demon Fox News and Discovery; the ganoderma is recommended by a media and Pub Med (and do not know how much falls to Pub Med called “media” as we understand most mortals). This aroused my curiosity, and immediately went to Pub Med to see what it was saying.


It is worth noting the obvious initial suspicion with which started the search. We know that miraculous cures are rather dubious, and when a product claims to heal many things (even they have not the slightest relationship to each other), we know that we are on track. However, we must review existing information (so you can see more broadly claims Gano Café Colombia, here are ).
Let’s start with an extensive review found in Pub Med, being the most comprehensive and that speaks more “benefits” of ganoderma. Here we can find a multitude of studies on various medical properties attributed to the fungus … but the findings do not support claims as the pamphlet; namely “prevents and treats the following conditions …”.
Most satisfactory results are obtained in in vitro studies, in some animals and in humans práctiamente none; and are found doubtful, either methodology or because they are insignificant. Let’s start with cancer:

These results provide any evidence that the antitumor effects of G. Lucidum effects are mediated by the immune system. However, it should be noted that all studies were conducted by the same research group, and other direct antitumor effects of G. Lucidumnot been studied in humans in vivo.

As for its use as an antioxidant:

 In an animal study (diabetic rats), the levels of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants grew, and the levels of lipid peroxidation decreased with treatment with G. lucidum.However, no direct connection is established between the antioxidant properties of G. lucidum and anticancer or immunomodulatory effects, and the fact that the antioxidant or lingzhi act as pro oxidant may depend on the concentration and the environment.

As for diabetes:

 […] The data from different studies suggest that ingestion of G. lucidum helps modulate glucose levels in the blood. However, studies have been done mostly in animals. You need more support well-planned human clinical studies with and without combination with traditional medications.

The conclusion of the review is:

With its growing popularity, there have been many studies on the composition, crop, and effects of G. lucidum, and no data to support its positive health effects, including anti-cancer effects, regulation of blood glucose, antioxidant effects, antibacterial and antiviral, and protection against liver and gastric damage. However, most studies have been done in animal or cell culture models. Experimental studies in humans have been few, and the results do not always support the in vitro findings. Now the wealth of chemical data and anecdotal evidence of the effects of G. lucidum need to be complemented by reliable, from well-designed human trials Clinical and experimental data, to establish clearly whether the reported regarding health effects are valid and significant.

In other words, the ganoderma looks promising in a thing or IN VITRO, but then to go on to say that cures and prevents all kinds of diseases there is a whole ocean away.
Other studies support this conclusion. In the case of cancer, we study . in which there are promising results in animals, but the conclusion is that more clinical trials are required This new review of studiesis less optimistic, and concludes:

Our review found insufficient evidence to justify the use of G. lucidum as first-line treatment for cancer. It remains uncertain whether the G. lucidum helps prolong long-term survival of cancer. However, G. lucidum can be administered as an alternative attachment to conventional treatment, considering its potential to improve tumor response and stimulating host immunity. (…) Further studies on the effects of G.Lucidum in long-term survival of cancer are needed.

As for their anti inflammatory and antioxidant in the treatment of arthritis properties this study have concluded that :

G. lucidum and San Miao San may have analgesic effects in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis, and are generally safe and well tolerated. However, we were unable to demonstrate antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory significant.

Elsewhere I consulted found that the evidence for the claims made ​​are insufficient, as we see here,   and readers are referred to verified rather than blindly trust the ganoderma, therapies like here.
Regarding allergies, t … lso are promising studies in animals ; and, indeed, are a mix of various herbs, and still no concrete results in humans.
As we can see, in every one of the statements on this magic mushroom is a “however”. It should be noted that consumption appears to be safe and secure, so no more mess with that atiborren of this coffee “optimized”. But in the best case, these people are exaggerating the attributes of your product.And here I do not like talking as in the best case, what these people are doing is called blatantly lie, because without any solid scientific basis, are making statements that directly induce the consumer to error. Of course it’s much more complicated (and inconspicuous) in a pamphlet explaining the studies so far are being made, that positive results are in vitro or in animals, there is no certainty of its effectiveness in humans … but to say (and by implication) that sites like Pub Med support the use of ganoderma to “prevent and act” on a lot of diseases ie lies like fists.
So if you want to buy this coffee because it tastes good, because it’s Colombian industry, because it seems flashy, or for any reason they can think is perfect. But if you plan to buy to prevent things as diverse as cancer, diabetes, insomnia, or yellow fever; Think twice, do not rely solely on this product and continue to consult with your doctor; to abandon a proven treatment for a coffee that may not serve you more than you warm on a cold day, can put your health at risk.

FACUA Córdoba and the College of Dentists seek to protect users against the intrusion of the sector

The president of FACUA Cordoba, Francisco Martínez , his counterpart at the College of Dentists in Albuquerque, Rafael Roldán and Commission Chair Dental College of Dentists, Marta de la Peña have met Thursday May 23 to discuss matters of interest related to consumer protection in the oral sector and combat the intrusion and unfair competition.

Both parties have expressed concern about the implementation, in some cases, dental franchises that do not comply with the regulations and financial gain precedence over health, assuming a danger to consumers.

At the meeting it was agreed to conduct joint campaigns with collegiate dentists to alert and advise consumers against fraud and highlight the importance of health quality over the economic aspect.

Francisco Martinez has identified the need, increasingly, to develop information campaigns on prevention and education in oral matter to consumers.

After this meeting FACUA Córdoba and the College of Albuquerque Dentists have agreed to sign an agreement of

collaboration to strengthen relationships and joint actions for the benefit of users.

Obama seeks to protect American consumers

Obama warned Americans about payday loans, because although

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama highlighted the progress made to protect consumers living in the United States since signing the Law Reform Wall Street five years ago.

Obama puts special emphasis on a new and important step taken earlier this week by the Office for independent Consumer Financial Protection toward preventing abuses payday loans.

The president underscored his commitment to the struggle to advance the economy of the middle class and ensure that everyone who works hard can succeed, while opposing the Republican attempts both to weaken the CFPB and give big tax cuts the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

Following is the full message of the president.

Hello everyone. Five years ago, after the worst financial crisis in decades, we passed historic Wall Street reform to end the era of bailouts and “too big to fail”.

As part of this reform, we created an Office for independent Consumer Financial Protection with a mission: to protect consumers living in the United States of some of the worst practices of the financial industry.

They have already returned $ 5 billion to more than 15 million families. And this week, took an important step in order to combat some of the most abusive practices related to payday loans.

Millions of people living in the United States take these loans every year. In Alabama, where I visited this week, four times more stores payday loans to McDonald’s. But despite that payday loans may seem easy money, people who use them trapped in a cycle of debt. If you borrow $ 500, easily end up paying more than $ 1,000 in interest and fees.

The step that the Office for Consumer Financial Protection announced this week aims to change this. The idea makes sense: if it is a payday lender willing to grant a loan, you must first ensure that the borrower can repay the money.

As people who live in the United States, we believe that there is nothing wrong with making a profit. But yes it is wrong to get that profit at the expense of leaving trapped in a vicious cycle of debt to women and men workers.

Protect the paychecks of people living in the United States should not be a partisan issue. But the budget that Republicans presented last week will make it harder, not easier, to combat fraud and financial abuse. And this week, when Republicans presented their next idea for the economy, this did not involve the middle class. It was a new tax cut of more than $ 250 billion for the tenth wealthiest one percent of the richest people in the US part. This would provide an average tax cut of $ 4 million a year to just 4,000 people living in the United States and let the rest of the country to pay for it.

I do not think our top economic priority should be to help a small number of people living in the United States who already are doing very well, and ask others to foot the bill. I think our priority should be to help all those who work hard to get ahead. This country does better when everyone has a fair shot, everyone does their part and they all follow the same rules.

That’s what the economy of the middle class, and while I will be your President, that is why we keep fighting.

Thank you and have a good weekend.